Natural Beauty

"I worked from several  
photographs to get 
this scene."

Cerro Trinidad

This is the mountain one sees in the distance when driving out of Coronado toward the Interamerican Highway.  This view was based on a photo taken from the other side of the mountain which I found on the Internet.  No matter which side you are on, these are some pretty impressive peaks.

Cerro Trinidad

Patio de la Finca

This is the front patio of the finca in the Interior where Esther's grandmother lived and where Esther herself spent her earliest years.  She and I used to take the kids up there for Semana Santa every year till they were in their teens.  The two of us still go up there frequently for a weekend.  We have added a number of things over the years-- electricity, running water, even cable TV-- but the place stays essentially unchanged.  All of the kids, and some of our grandkids, too, bathed in that pump.  And the bowl of water in the foreground began as the iron hubcap on a US Army truck which fell off during practice military exercises in the area during World War II.  it is still there. 

Pump remastered

Till the cows home

This cattle gate is just off the little road that leads from the highway back to Esther's grandmother's finca in Herrera province.  Every time I drove past it, I thought, in the right light, would make a great subject for a small painting.  So, here it is. The canvas measures only 9 x 12 inches, but there is quite a bit of detail in the painting.

Till the Cows Come Home

Through my open window

This painting was done on a commission for a businesswoman here in Coronado who wanted a large, colorful painting for her new, windowless conference room.  I based this on a photo of a river near El Valle, jazzed up the flowers in the foreground a bit and added the partially open window to give the painting more depth.  The canvas measures 30x40 inches and the frame, not shown here) adds another 6 inches or so to both dimensions.





 Took stuff from three sources and tossed in some imagination.  Whatever: keeps me off the streets.


Panama Waterfall


This painting of a tropical waterfall was commissioned by a successful businesswoman in Panama to hang in her office at a new mall which she has built and recently opened on the Interamerican Highway at the entrance to Coronado.  I worked from several photographs to get this scene, adding two species of heligonia to the foreground to give it more depth.  (Models for these flowers came from Esther's garden here at the house.)  Also, at Esther's suggestion, I put a quetzal in the branches of one of the trees to the right, about a third of the way down from the top.  You may have to look around a bit to find him, but he is there.  Obviously, there is quite a bit of detail in this painting--which measures 24x30 inches--but I think it all came together pretty well.

Panama Waterfall