Ten grandchildren immortalized in oil. 

In on the Grass at First

This is a painting of our son, Raul, at age 10 or 11, playing in one of the youth leagues at Dick Coy Park in the Canal Zone.  Raul was and still is a great baseball player.  He pitched the only perfect game recorded in the Farm League and went on to excel in the Fastlitch League and for Balboa Red.  As you will note from the painting, even when he was small he insisted on playing with a full-size professional glove.  Not much got through him.  The canvas measures 15x30.

In on the Grass at First

Actual photo




One of the youngest (5 years) granddaughters, Winifred (Winnie) named after my mother, surfing in Pacific, here at Coronado.  With this painting all ten grandchildren have now been immortalized in oils, at least once. 

Fun in the Sun 2

Fun in the Sun1




Waiting for Santa 

Here is granddaughter Hannah, Linda's and Patrick's daughter, awaiting arrival of St. Nick on December 24.  Although she stayed up fairly late, Santa did not arrive until after she had fallen asleep, not in front of the fire, but in her own bed.  When she awoke the next morning, the cookies and milk she had left out had been consumed and there were piles of presents under the tree.


Sunday Afternoon in Coronado

Shortly we had first bought our house here at Coronado, I photographed our grandson, Cesar Augusto, late one Sunday afternoon as he was trying to finish his homework in the hammock strung up in our bohio out back.  This was between 1700 and 1800--the "golden hour" for photographers--and the effects of the sun on the hammock and boy were striking.  It took me some time to screw up the courage to try and capture those effects on canvas.  Here is the result: What do you think? 

Sunday Afternoon at Coronado

Cesar Hammock Details

Cesar Hammock Detail