The canvas is 30x40 inches and, framed, the work measures approximately 38x48 inches, which makes it among the largest I have done.  It features a slightly bigger than lifesize color portrait of Willard Woodman on his 100th birthday (complete with lettered cap) and four black-and-white or sepia portraits of him at earlier stages of his life.  These were done using as reference newspaper photos.  One--Mr. Woodman behind the delivery truck--I did using a mirror as I needed the reverse angle for the composition and my computer would not flip the image for me.  Then there are three stores.  At the top is the first store which has the Roundy's sign on the side of the building and the special for, inter alia, swiss cheese in the window. 

Sun Logo


with bowtie

The use of all images or logos appearing in the Woodman painting are private property and not the property of John L. Haines.  The composition and reproduction as depicted by the artist was commissioned by the successors and legal heirs of Mr. Woodman.  No further reproduction is authorized.

"I did [part of the painting] using a mirror as I needed the reverse angle for the composition".
J. Haines

Woodman's Market

Woodman's Markets

Under the portraits is the more modern store with the giant W at the right and the separate entrance for liquor purchases.  At the bottom right is the night shot of the most modern of the three stores.  I thought the night shot was appropriate in that it gives visual credence to the Open 24 Hours sign on the front.  Finally, there are two of the Woodman logos, the first featuring a sun rising over the first store at the top.  The second, which notes that the enterprise is employee-owned is at the bottom left and presented as if it had been taped there in the same manner that store specials are mounted for public view.
Total painting days required to complete: 35, give or take 1 or 2.

Mr. Woodman

The Market

(c) John L. Haines by authorization of the Woodman Family, 2010.