Punta Prieta in the Morning 

This is one of the eternal series of waves that break on the black rocks on Punta Prieta in Coronado.  This painting is also destined to be a surprise gift for a friend with a weakness for seascapes.



Nueva Punta Prieta


Motel Art

Bored out of my skull a couple of weeks back, I did two very small charcoal sketches of the early-morning, dry-season surf on Playa Serena (based on photos I took at least 5 years ago).  Esther grabbed and framed the sketches (and I have to admit they look pretty good), so I undertook to do a relatively small (12x16") painting of one of them.  Took only 2 days and it's nothing special.



Esther's grandmother had a place in the Interior just the other side of Divisa and about a mile back off the Interamerican Highway.  This is a portion of the small road leading back to it.  We still go up there occasionally.  The road holds many memories for Esther who spent a good bit of her childhood walking it to and from school.  I took a photo of this curve in the early morning to catch the shadows falling across it.



Punta Prieta 2.0

Punta Prieta 2

Caminito de Tierra





During our trip to Hawaii in June 2014, I saw a number of paintings of Waikiki and its environs, virtually all of which involved surf and beaches and mountains.  When I got home, I decided to experiment with the style and techniques I had observed in the Islands.  This is the result.  I used a photo of a Panamanian rainy season sunrise I had taken several years ago, and another shot of a breaking wave here in Coronado.  I put the latter on steroids.  The rest I made upa as I went along.  As I say, this was an experiment with a different style and is unlikely to be repeated.

Mauve Sea


Man in Boat

8 x 10" oil painting.  More of an exercise than a painting, but...


Man in Boat