Pomp & Circumstance

"....A project I had been considering for some time"

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and an Old Geezer
Last year, grandaughter Isabella Victoria (or IV as we call her), then 5 years old, snapped a photo of me relaxing in our bohio in my New York Yankee cap, and when I saw the shot I finally decided to go ahead and do a self-portrait, a project I had been considering for some time.  To give the painting some reason for being, I cast myself as a painter at work on a portrait of myself as I appeared in a photograph taken in the spring of 1963; a cadet in full-dress uniform about to graduate from The Citadel.  At my request, Esther took a picture of my left arm with paintbrush so I would have something for reference in the foreground.  So, the painting is based on those three separate photographs which I kept shifting around until I thought I had the angles and positions right.  The easel and palette were right there in from t of me, so it was easy to add them.  Actually, IV helped some with the paints on the palette, so this ended up being kind of a family project.

Self Portrait

(c) John L. Haines, Panama, 2010.