Approaching Storm 
An unusual twosome dig for sand dollars on a beach about to host a tropical downpour.

Approaching Storm



Plantain Girl

This little girl, whose name was Izis, my wife and I found tending her father's stall at an agricultural fair (féria de naranjas) in the foothills above Penonomé, the capital of Coclé province.  You can see the sunlight just peeking through the thatched roof onto her arm, the plantains, the bamboo and floor of the stall.    

Platanos girl

El Chorillo Balcony
Brother and sister fly a balloon from the deteriorated balcony of their apartment in Panama City slum.

El Chorrillo Balcony

Haines paints primarily in oils and his works usually focus on the men, women, and children of Panama as they go about their daily lives.

Here we have a young Cuna Indian lass selling (illegally) baby iguanas from the front door of her family's bamboo hut.  This painting was done on commission for a friend of mine who snapped a photo of this little girl in the San Blas Islands.  I added the veranera and the rather subdued plant at the lower right to add some balance to the composition.

Iguanitas 3


"I added the veranera to add balance to the composition."

Iguanitas 2

(c) John L. Haines, 2007, 2008, 2009.