Kuna Kid withToucan

Kuna Kid with Friend
This painting was done on commission and based on a photograph taken by the customer.  What intrigued me about the photo was the level of detail that would have to be achieved if the painting was to be a success.  Also, the wide range of colors and the lights and shadows were wonderful.  The canvas was a big one for me, about 30x40 inches.   I think it turned out well, and I am happy to report that the customer, too, was very pleased.  

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Kuna Kid Detail

Kuna Kid Detail

The Submarine

This is a Los Angeles class nuclear submarine operating off the coast of Greece.  It was done for the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation, the non-profit organization that funds college scholarships for the children of members of the US Navy's submarine forces.  (More precise information concering this group and scholarship elegibility requirements can be found at www.dolphinscholarship.org.) 


Submarine Detail

(c) John L. Haines, Panama 2008-2009.