"A portrait is a painting with something wrong with the mouth."
John Singer Sargent

Natasha on her 15th Birthday
Granddaughter is dressed intraditional Panamanian garb for coming-out birthday party.
Linda & Natasha
Discussion on the pros and cons of spilling coffee.

Linda and Nata

Hanging out in the Canal Zone

Hanging out in the Canal Zone

Click sneakers to see fun detail
Fly on Sneaker


Gabriel at 10 

This is our grandson, Gabriel, as he appeared at age 10, about a decade ago.  He is Annie's older brother so, in the painting, I tried to change some things to give it that Johannes Vermeer look, at least in the foreground and to some extent, in the background, too.  I think our son, Raul and his wife, Donna will display the paintings of their two offspring in some proximity to each other and the idea was to make them compatible for such a display.

Telescope Boy.jpg
Halloween en Majagual

Halloween at Majagual

Tropical Christmas Scene
Two grandsons opening presents as a curious gecko on the window looks on.

Xmas Card 2