"The backgrounds are varied and generally colorful, but dominating in the great majority of my paintings are the people who inhabit those backgrounds and bring them to life."
John Haines

My beautiful wife
This is Esther, relaxing near the pool of my folks' place one summer in Virginia Beach.


Wedding Portrait
Portrait of young Chinese couple on their wedding day.

Wedding portrait

Hannah visiting my Mom
Granddaughter looks out from the hospital room of her great-grandmother.

Hannah visiting my Mom

Linda Nicole through fence
Granddaughter as seen peering through chain-link fence on a sunny afternoon.

Linda thru fence


This is niece, Carmencita, as seen looking out through an imagined, half-open window.  The blowing ribbon, hanging key and piece or red string were just for fun.


Three Swallows

Yanxi Li and her husband Heming own and operate Three Swallows Imports, a store in Norfolk, Virginia, which features a wide variety of Asian antiques, principally from China and Tibet.  They have everything from furniture to singing bowls to carved bone figurines.  Photos of a sampling of their beautiful wares can be seen at www.threeswallows.net.

Three Swallows

Susana Cheng
Wedding Portrait of Susana Cheng based on photograph taken at reception following ceremony in Hong Kong.



Son of prominent Coronado couple frolics in avalanche of plastic balls in McDonald's play area. 



Lourdes & Maarten Bogaerts

Lourdes Haywood Bogaerts & husband Maarten.  More than 20 years ago, who could have ever imagined I'd own a Haines, much less be the subject of a piece?  Needless to say, Haines' artistry and not time has been kind.  Webmistress


The Bogaerts

Panama la Vieja
Linda Nicole in her sombrero de Carnaval at the ruins of Old Panama.

Panama La Vieja

Lucho Azcarraga, late famed Panamanian musician, at the organ.

Lucho Azcarraga