Desayuno Interiorano

A still life is not my usual fare, but I had been thinking for some time that I could gather together some breakfast paraphernalia still used in many Panamanian homes in the Interior of the country and arrange it in such a way that it would make a good subject for a painting.  This I did, using the coffee grinder that had belonged to Esther's grandmother, and a tin coffee pot that we use when we go up to the country house near Los Guichiches.  The cloth strainer, cups and spoon are all utilized during our visits there.  I shuffled these things around for a day or so and finally added a ripe mango (liberated from a neighbor's tree here in Coronado) to the mix.  Here is the result.     



Afternoon Bath in the Interior
Beating the heat on a hot, dry-season afternoon.

Afternoon bath in the Interior

Girl at Window
A pensive girl pauses while dressing to lookout her small window.

Girl at Window

Youthful Terrorist Shot Dead
I painted this a long time--at least three decades--ago and you may note that the style is far different from that which I am using today.  I based it on a black-and-white newspaper photo of a young woman--a terrorist in Ireland--who had been shot dead in the street by British soldiers.

Youthful Terrorist Shot Dead

Haitian Girl
In a missionary-administered lunch line in Port-au-Prince.

Lunchtime at the Mission
Picture this

Picture This

Monday morning in the classroom of a school in the Interior of Panama.

La Estudiante

Mate on the Bow
The worn face of a veteran seaman aboard a rusty fishing boat transiting the Canal in the pre-dawn rain.

Mate on the bow