Two Panamanian children from vastly different backgrounds at leisure in what appears to be an enchanted forest.

Pool Boy's Daughters

Señor Alberto leads a gang of guys who do the twice-weekly maintenance on our small swimming pool.  He and I will often spend time commiserating when he is here.  He really delights in watching me paint and, one day several years ago, asked me if I could paint portraits of his two daughters.  I told him to bring me good photos of the girls, and we could see what we could do.  Here is the final product and, I am happy to report that the father and the daughters were delighted with the result.


Portrait of Goddaughter

Amy, 17

Goddaughter Amy


Uncle Bob

This is my late Uncle Bob as he appeared in 1944 in his Navy lieutenant's uniform. His widow, my Aunt Jean, asked me to do this portrait, using a black-and-white photograph for reference, and the same now hangs in her apartment at Westminster Canterbury in Virginia Beach."

Uncle Bob

Ngobe Bugle Girl & Hummingbird

Ngobe Bugle Girl and Hummingbird

Befriending a Butterfly

Befriending a Butterfly

(c) John Haines, 2007